Alison Wright (Kendahl Light) is a 17 year old girl in her last year of high school stuck in a chaotic existence with an abusive boyfriend Derek (Jacob Schwartz) and an unhappy family life during a time of political and economic turmoil. After a spirited Tarot card reading by her hippy friend Molly (Rebecca Howland), her existence begins to seemingly unravel itself. First she suffers humiliation and heartbreak as Derek leaves her for Kimberly (Maia Laperle), a popular and attractive cheerleader. Later, after a terrible week at school, her mother (Brina) glumly informs her that she has lost her scholarship to college thanks to the economy. She begs her father (Eamonn McGrail) for consolation, but he is of very little help. Suffering anxiety attacks and a nervous breakdown, Alison chugs energy drinks and watches television for an entire day and night. Utterly exhausted and barely conscious, she visits a park where she sees a strange woman (Diana Porter) dressed as a Playboy bunny on rollerblades. After following the woman, she trips and hits her head on the ground.

     Regaining consciousness, she finds herself in a very strange and grotesque fantastical realm called Wonderland where she soon meets a giant drug addicted Caterpillar and a pretentious spectral cat named the Cheshire Cat (Aria David). But Wonderland proves to be a very frightening and dangerous place and she soon runs into the Mad Hatter (Jacob Schwartz), a sadistic and utterly twisted psychopath and the March Hare (Aria David), his pitiful sex slave. After partaking in a off-putting tea party with them, Alison is fed drugged tea and wakes up the next day in the Mad Hatter's house, a filthy shack in the woods where horrific depravities are committed on a daily basis. The Mad Hatter soon arrives to torment her but Alison is able to escape by the skin of her teeth through remarkable good luck.

    However, no sooner does Alison escape one evil individual than she finds herself in the hands of another. While resting on a beach Alison is taken captive by three armored knights, members of "the Card Guard", royal guards of the Red Queen (Holly Schaff), Wonderland's evil female monarch, a narcissistic, petty and spoiled woman who takes great pleasure in beheading her dissidents. At first Alison plays along with the Queen's game, who is fascinated by "this foreigner" and allows her to dine in her company. However, Alison soon runs afoul of the Queen's fickle humors by protesting the beheading of two innocent card guards who merely failed to satisfy her. Alison is thus thrown in the Queen's dungeon and sentenced to die. But as her luck may have it she soon receives help from an unexpected source...

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