Welcome to the official online home of Alison, the 2015 feature film project by Boston-based independent filmmaker J.L. Carrozza and studio Gen-Y Films. The project is a surreal and macabre fantasy/horror based dramedy that is now in the festival circuit.

"The thing about Little Red Riding Hood is that it was just the starting point: an inception and point of invention. It was me jogging past the starting line of more authentically making films. I want to complete the first lap or two with Alison! It will hopefully be a superior product because Iíve already invented the whole concept of a trashy, twisted post-modern fairy tale film on a micro budget, so now I can have fun with it and fool around with it even more. My intent is to streamline the concept, perfect it and build it even bigger and stronger using everything Iíve learned since."

-J.L. Carrozza, writer/director/producer

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